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Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Case Studies (best promotions)

Sometimes you just need examples to understand the difference between two companies. We have a habit of going the extra mile and getting creative so you get the best bang for your buck. That’s how we measure success. That’s what keeps you coming back.

Making a name for your business: Smith Barney

Challenge: Good financial consultants are hard to come by, making it increasingly difficult for the office manager at Smith Barney to attract experienced candidates for her team.Smith_Barney

Solution: Nothing stops busy executives in their tracks more effectively than a dimensional mailer that crowds their mailbox and promises something fun and intriguing inside.  Our idea was to send possible referral sources a series of three direct mail pieces, each including a gift that they could hold, touch, and use.  Each of the promotional products was specifically chosen with the target in mind, which included accountants, lawyers and other priority clients.  A package was sent every two weeks.

  • Mailer 1: Smith Barney hooked these execs with a fishing lure, imprinted with the Smith Barney logo, and the message, “We’re fishing for good recruits.”
  • Mailer 2: Smith Barney’s contacts slowed down and took notice when they saw the imprinted “construction cone” stress reliever, accompanied by the message “Space Reserved For Financial Consultant.”
  • Mailer 3: In the last mailer, Smith Barney asked their referral sources to “Put on their thinking caps” and drove the message home with a logo-embroidered cap.

Result: Within three months of the close of the campaign, the manager reported that her pipeline for new financial consultants had never been stronger!  Just goes to show a promotional product, teamed up with a powerful, relevant message, is the perfect one-two punch to demand attention from your customers.

Putting your message where they’ll see it: Fort Knox

Challenge: Fort Knox needed to find a way to make a big splash with their reenlistment program.  They came up with the idea to imprint urinal screens telling soldiers, “Don’t flush your career down the drain.”  But where can you get urinal screens printed?

fort-knoxSolution: The difference between us and other outfits is when you ask for something out of the ordinary, we don’t tell you it’s unavailable.  We are intrigued.  We perk up. We jump through hoops to find something that works.

Result: You can still find these urinal screens in men’s rooms throughout Fort Knox.  We’re proud to say, we inspire reenlistment every day or at the very least, chuckles.  The soldiers certainly aren’t going to miss the message.  Everyone has to go some time.

Going the extra mile: TPi

Challenge: TPi offers hospitality and sponsor services to several corporations that sponsor cars/drivers.  One of the services they offer is merchandise.  At a national auto trade show, TPi needed help representing this merchandise and entertaining clients.header

Solution: Because we supply these products and apparel to TPi, we weren’t about to leave them to go it alone.  For two years, one of our sales folks flew to Orlando to provide an extra pair of hands in the booth and pitch in at the customer appreciation party.

Result: Since promotional products are our area of expertise, our participation gave this client the edge they needed to put them out in front at the trade show.

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