Building Green

It was a 70-year-old automotive shop but has been transformed into office building space for our business and a handful of tenants including the green certification business, Sustainable Sandhills. Not only is this our new office, it is the prototype so to speak for affordable ‘green’ building ideas.

See the article in the Fayetteville Observer

We have to say that it’s easier to say you’re going to renovate something in an old downtown area with old buildings trains and limited parking. Doing it has been another experience altogether. It has been educational, fun, exciting as well as, exhausting. But once we got started, the community really participated. We tapped George Rose to help us lead the charge and of course, guidance from Sustainable Sandhills has been crucial.

Our goal is not only to do our part for the environment but to inspire others. But we did not do this alone and we are very appreciative of the help from our green partners in this ‘green building’ effort.

The following are partners in our “green building” effort.


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