Write your way into your customer’s heart

SOBE_penPens and pencils may be the most recalled promotional item.

Recall is important to advertisers who want some assurance that their target market is retaining their message.

An independent survey into the effectiveness of promotional products listed the top five most-recalled promotional items:

  1. Writing instruments
  2. Shirts
  3. Caps
  4. Bags
  5. Mugs/Drinkware


What can advertisers read into this information?

Of the five categories listed above, writing instruments are generally among the least expensive. Many pens and pencils are available for much less than a dollar. Most advertisers are on a budget, especially in these tight times. However, they can buy more pens with their funds and, in turn, perhaps touch more members of their target market effectively with a writing instrument.

This information is particularly helpful to advertisers who are trying to develop a brand or build program awareness among a large audience.

Of course, as with any promotional item category, advertisers can choose from many options – good, better and best. If you are an advertiser who is trying to impress an important customer base, there are plenty of higher- end pen options.

Quill pens are known for their full-color logo domes on the cap and Cross pens make fine awards for recognizing your best customers or your highest-producing employees.

Bic, the industry’s largest supplier of pens, has dozens of options that fit any budget.

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