Brides Want A Sweetie Deal

website 032When a wedding planner wants to make a bride’s special day even more extraordinary, who better to turn to than a lady who goes by the name of Sweetie?

Sweetie Stewart wears many hats at Moore Exposure, but her favorite role is that of resident wedding and special events expert  – a title she has earned after years of experience. Not only does she have loads of personal experience between three daughters and family friends, she has also helped plan numerous weddings, engagement parties and debutante events through Moore Exposure.

Concerning the bride’s budget, she says, “We try to get everything a bride wants within their budget. If we can’t, we always come up with creative alternatives to make them happy.”

On her favorite wedding favor, she mentions, “We did a wedding last summer where we created a logo for the couple and used it on all the wedding favors and accessories, including banners used on the bridal party vehicles.”

The following is a short list of Moore Exposure products for wedding planners:

* Coordinated correspondence from Save-the-date notes to Invitations to Thank-you notes.

* Personalized napkins

* Guest towels

 * Wedding favors

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