For The Love of Soldiers

JackBlogPhotoOne of the most often asked questions of any veteran is, “What do you miss most about your military service?” The most common answer I hear is simply, “Soldiers.”

When I separated from the service, I understood the answer. Soldiers are unique individuals, shaped by a very unique culture over 200 years in the making. We speak a second language familiar only to those who served. There is a brotherhood that we will always share.

My career in specialty advertising has given me the opportunity to work with Soldiers on projects such as creating a new challenge coin, unit tee shirt, or reenlistment award.  In a way, the relationships that I have developed and the services that I provide, make me feel like I am still part of the Army team.

My technical proficiency in specialty advertising, coupled with my understanding of military culture and tactics enables me to guide my clients to products that work for them no matter what the situation.

For me, there is no greater professional satisfaction than providing high quality, pertinent, and practical products and services to my brothers in arms. Whatever the project may be, I am motivated by my desire for American Soldiers to have the very best I can possibly provide. Because I have been there myself I know how much it means to them.

I am proud of our men and women who continue to serve our great country. I know through experience the hardships and sacrifices that the members of our armed services endure so the rest of us won’t have to. For this they deserve the very best.


Jack Daniels, Military Consultant

Jack Daniels is a former infantryman and Special Forces Operator who served with the 3d Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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  • SGM Joseph H. Wolfe III says:


    Great article. You should receive some orders from me shortly for delivery to Doug Davis.

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