Got Spirit?

blog 001School spirit touches everyone in the education community – teachers, students, parents and staff.

When I work with schools, I use my past experience as a high school cheerleader for the Pine Forest Trojans. Just as cheerleaders use creative and unique ways to get the crowd involved in games, I now develop creative ideas for my customers to get their audiences involved in everything from sales to fundraising.

Working with schools enables me to meet with people throughout various communities and develop logo items for school stores, clubs, athletic teams, and special event committees.

Spiritwear is the top priority with most schools. Have you ever seen a cheerleader who did not like to look good? I never let my school clients look anything but their best.

The most exciting aspect of my job as Moore Exposure’s schools consultant is the smile on a customer’s face when we deliver a new tee shirt or other item bearing their school mascot.

All of us at Moore Exposure love to help our customers, who are our first priority. Our goal is to serve you so well that you will never want to go anywhere else.

Sharlae Bevelle

Sharlae Bevelle is a 2003 graduate of Pine Forest High School and an undergraduate night student at Methodist University. She has been with Moore Exposure since 2006.

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