Shipping Your Way – Ninette’s Style

Have you seen the web banner on Moore Exposure’s homepage boasting “most impressive delivery times in the business?”  You might be asking yourself how the company is able to pull that one off.

Part of the answer is Ninette Sawyer, the shipping and receiving coordinator for the company.  Just by walking into her office, you can tell that she has been brought up in a military family.  Everything is orderly and neat, because as she puts it, being organized is the key to her success.

In addition to keeping meticulous records of orders, Ninette is able to deliver exceptional service to clients because of her desire to step up to the plate for each customer.

Fellow co-worker Jack Daniels has a great deal of confidence in Ninette’s ability saying, “Ninette is the most attentive shipping manager ever.  She knows the status of every order and package in and out.  Thank God for her.  She keeps all production schedules on time even in a crunch.”

A great example of Ninette’s desire to do what it takes to satisfy the client involves the Sand-Hoke Early College High School.  While Moore Exposure has helped the school with several projects, one in particular dealt with custom paperweights that were to be used as gifts for the teachers during the holidays.  Ninette made sure that this order was completed in one week, cutting the normal production and delivery time by three weeks.

While Ninette says things can get stressful, especially during busy times of the year, she really loves working with people.  She says these daily interactions with clients and co-workers really make her job worthwhile, and that she gets the greatest satisfaction out of seeing a happy client.

Furthermore, Ninette’s personal experiences having grown up in a military family, as well as having been married to a soldier who died on active duty, give her the ability to serve and understand client needs in a very distinct way.

Her personality and work ethic help in allowing the company to offer the unique proposition that your order will be delivered in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Written by Moore Exposure’s intern, Matt Tackett, recent graduate of Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management.

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2 Responses to “Shipping Your Way – Ninette’s Style”

  • Steven Moore says:

    Ninette has a big smile and always has in her office a jar full of chocolates, which she shares. I’m just sayin.

  • Anne Moss says:

    I know which office I go to first next time I come to Fayetteville. I like dark chocolates about 60% cocoa. Reeses cups, too. After reading this, I know I also need Ninette to keep me organized.

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