The Thrill of the Race

The American Drag Racing League, Bristol Motor Speedway and the Automobile Racing Club of America are well known names in the world of motorsports. When they need management services for their big-time events, they turn to Tysinger Promotions Inc., or TPi.

 Wendy Tysinger Stallings, TPi’s owner and president, has been partnering with Jean Moore and Moore Exposure over the past 15 years. Their latest endeavor, developing a wide assortment of custom apparel to sell at the American Drag Racing League’s race events, illustrates the level of service Moore Exposure gives its clients.

 First, our graphic designer, Jennifer Hodges, provided custom graphic designs for hoodie sweatshirts, tee-shirts, tank tops and even baby cloths.

 “I enjoy working with a client, like TPi, that cares so much about the way the apparel is designed. They like to make sure that the clothes don’t just have a logo placed on them, but are fun and something you’d like to wear everyday.”

 In order to provide better recommendations for developing marketable apparel among ADRL’s clientele, Jean recently traveled with the TPi team to Houston for a racing event where she learned firsthand about the target market, the customer demographics, and the venue where the apparel is sold.

 “Anytime you can get a hands-on experience of the customer’s project like that, it gives you much better insight into how they operate and what their customers are looking for.”

 Sweetie Stewart, Moore Exposure’s accounting guru, even created custom order templates to make additional apparel sales go faster and easier.

 “At Moore Exposure, we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. By tailoring spreadsheets on such a large and complex order, we were able to make sure the order met customer’s specifications, were delivered correctly and were on time. It’s always a pleasure to see our finished products and know that the customer is happy with our services.”

 To find out more about the services of TPi, please visit their Web site:

Michael Kane is a recent graduate from NCSU’s graduate school of business concentrating in marketing and product development.  

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