Yeah, Right. When Pigs Fly…

When faced with a challenge, does your organization shrink or rise to the occasion? Do you say, “When pigs fly” or “Bring it on!”

 At Moore Exposure, we ask, “What? Pigs don’t fly?”

 For that reason, we were intrigued when introduced to a new promotional item – the flying pig (also available in flying monkey).

 Pictured are Moore Exposure’s Jack Daniels and Steven Moore in full James Bond casino attire. First, the two demonstrate their form for firing their respective pig and monkey, each equipped with a superhero cape that can bear your organization’s logo.

 Next, the two square off. The smart money in the office rides with Jack, a former Green Beret who is a qualified marksman on a number of lethal weapons. Ya think?

 They fire. It’s all in good fun, but you may wonder, perhaps even sarcastically, “Ummm, yeah, but how might my organization use these flying mammals for the greater good?”

 Of course, that’s what we’re here for, and here are a few uses that come to our mind:

 * Motivational tool for a corporate sales force or government organization

* Attract prospective customers to your trade show booth

* An Ice breaker at an organizational retreat

* Reinforce your can-do brand among important customers

* Send a message that you are fun and easy to work with

 If you have any other ideas, please use the comment section below to share them.

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4 Responses to “Yeah, Right. When Pigs Fly…”

  • Anne Moss says:

    I think it’s a good motivational tool to get people to move very quickly.

  • Danger 7 says:

    The flying monkies will be very popular in Kansas. Add a parachute for all the airborne guys then they can HALO in. Great idea I’m sure this is going to be off the hook.

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