Through the Eyes of an Unpaid Intern: Part 1

Customer Service, The Moore Exposure Mantra

It took little time for me to learn Moore Exposure’s top priority- Customer Service. From the first minute of the first day I began my internship, I witnessed samples returned to vendors, embroidery and art proofs returned to their places of origin, and Jean, on several occasions, boldly decree in her best authoritarian voice, “I will NOT stand for my customers receiving anything but the BEST quality work out there!” Likewise,  during the Friday staff meeting, Jean and/or Steven beat the dead horse of the importance of customer service as it relates to forming lasting relationships with our clientele and to the overall success of the business. Think I’m fabricating this or stroking egos for personal gain? Think again. I’m unpaid…remember?

Resting on a shelf in the front office, a modest yet conspicuous sign reads, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” While this quotation literally refers to price points, within the verdantly restored walls of Moore Exposure, quality is characterized by one’s effort in and exuberance for serving a customer. No other issue trumps this golden rule of sorts at 215 Williams St. Never have I witnessed a single employee pull up lame at any point prior to the extra mile.

Through this outsider’s inside view, the truth is seen. Make no mistake about it- the staff here truly, truly cares about each and every one of its customers. Dare you call balderdash on me? Try me. I’m unpaid…remember?

Chris Barbee is currently a senior Retail Management major at the University of South Carolina. He will graduate in December 2010. Chris is a summer intern with Moore Exposure, and will be doing a four part blog series about the life of an unpaid intern.

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