Awards Make Dollars and Sense

Return on Investment. It’s something scarce in a tough economy. Everyone wants a positive rate of return and advertisers who use promotional products are no different.

 Caps, mugs, bags, and shirts. When decorated with your logo, do they leave a lasting impression on your target market? An in-depth research report says they do, and that corporate awards may work better than any other advertising specialty.

 A recent industry survey asked recipients of promotional products if they were likely to do business with the advertiser. Here are some of the findings:

 Nearly 70 percent who received a logoed cap, mug, bag or shirt said they were likely to do business with the advertiser. However, the recipients of corporate awards bested the field with 77 percent saying that they were likely to do business with the advertiser.

 This news is especially good for employers who use awards as a tool to help retain high-quality employees. Corporations of all sizes, as well as military and government outfits, use awards to motivate and retain employees. Rewarding high sales production and recognizing excellent service are two examples of how organizations use awards.

 Non-profit organizations can use this information, too. This market segment uses awards to motivate donors and recognize volunteers, both of which are vital to their existence.

 Of course, there is an art to selecting the right product for each advertisers’ target audience. The award does not have to be of high value or expensive, but it has to be a quality product or else the message will be lost. A low-quality award would likely result in a negative reaction – the opposite of what the advertiser intended.

 Product options in the award market number in the thousands. To help you select the one that will work best for your organization is why we’re here.

 Steven Moore, co-owner of Moore Exposure, has 28 years of experience in sales, marketing and promotions. He can be reached at or (910) 486-8021.

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