Through the Eyes of an Unpaid Intern…

A House Divided United

 My initial expectation of an internship at Moore Exposure was that I would be working for a promotional marketing company, focusing primarily on business advertising through retail products. While this was more or less the case, I was unaware, however, of the in-house division of target segments- civilian and military.

 Adding to this unexpected discovery was my observation of the physical layout of the office itself, with all military-focused personnel situated on one side and the civilian staff on the other. It appears to be a house divided.

 Commanding the military sales force is Steven, overseeing and working in partnership with his teammates, Jessica and Jack. Together, these three tackle the duty of servicing the U.S. military and defense businesses.

 They are known throughout the world, among other things, for their commemorative medallions known in the military as challenge coins. Never have I witnessed or fathomed such meticulously detailed orders. However, each order, regardless of its depth or breadth, is handled as priority one. Day after day, I observed a humble sense of pride. They are delighted to serve those who selflessly protect and serve our country.

 On the opposite side of the building is a team who serves businesses, schools and other non-military organizations. Guiding this crew is Jean with Ninette, Sweetie, Sharlae, and Matt supporting her efforts.

 This quintet routinely faces a boundless market, providing promotional tools for more businesses and types of businesses than my fingers could physically type out. Orders that seemed off-the-wall and confusing to me were accomplished in stride. The civilian-targeted staff members truly rely on the team to complete almost every job, often using each other as a sounding board and resource.

 If Steven’s side of the office marches with a sense of patriotic enthusiasm, Jean’s domain parades through each week thoroughly enjoying what it is they do, making work as fun as I’ve ever witnessed it to be. The relief to Moore Exposure’s juxtaposing office layout and market segments is the overwhelming camaraderie among all personnel. I’ve said it once, and I’ll repeat it again: The Moore Exposure staff truly is a family.

 This is my unembellished account of Moore Exposure – divided in mission, but united in one goal to serve every customer so well they never want to go anywhere else. My supervisor has completed my internship evaluation, so the gloves are off. Alas, only positive recollections and observations remain and can be reported. I speak the truth. Lest you forget, I was unpaid … remember?

 I entered this internship leery of what I would actually take away from it. I departed with a wealth of knowledge, nine dear friends, and one incredible mentor. Many, many thanks to all of you for making my summer a special and memorable one.

 Chris Barbee

Chris Barbee is currently a senior Retail Management major at the University of South Carolina. He will graduate in December 2010. Chris was a summer intern with Moore Exposure, and did a three part blog series about the life of an unpaid intern.

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  • Jim Champagne says:

    Chris that was a very thoughtful commentary…although having known the ME team as long as I have it simply goes back to the old Bob Seger intro on live bullet; Bob states that he was in Detroit reading the paper before a concert and the paper was stating that Detroit was the best Rock and Roll town in the US…Bob stated simply”shit I’ve known that for ten years” Well the same rings true of ME “Jim Champagne states “shit I’ve known that ME is the greatest Company ever!” Duty First! Danger 7

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