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As churches expand their programs to everything from youth groups to exercise groups, more are turning to promotional products to invite new members to their services, build a sense of belonging among members, recognize volunteers, and help in fundraisers.

Following are some products that our church clients have used successfully to let others know about their congregations and programs.

Apparel -Tee shirts are great for church events, such as Vacation Bible School or teen youth events. Members also share their church allegiance by wearing embroidered caps, polo shirts, or jackets.

Reusable grocery tote bags – Probably one of the most popular items in the promotions market today; high visibility among the general public. 

Lapel Pins and Tie Tacs – Small, yet they reveal a member whose in the spirit for worship.

Car magnets – Advertising in traffic!

Ornaments – For Christmas or a special event, ornaments are great fundraisers.

Coffee Mugs – With each morning’s first cup, an imprinted coffee mug reminds members where their heart is, or where it should be if not!

Aprons – Get creative: “A Cook With Spirit”

 Matt Tackett is a recent graduate of Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management.

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