Moore Exposure is one of the best places, no doubt

Moore Exposure has been named one of the top 50 best places to work out of thousands of advertising specialties companies throughout North America.

 Moore Exposure ranks the 31st best place to work out of more than 22,000 distributors of promotional products and awards, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute – the largest media and marketing organization serving this nearly $20 billion industry.

Of particular note, Moore Exposure is the only ranked firm with a team dedicated to serving U.S. military clients. The firm ranked the 10th best place to work among distributors in the southeastern United States.

 Moore Exposure ranked 42nd overall in North America when factoring in several thousand manufacturers and suppliers of promotional products along with distributors like Moore Exposure. 

 The Best Places to Work initiative involved an in-depth survey process developed by Counselor magazine and Quantum Workplace. The process began in March with more than 250 companies completing the initial nomination process.

 Every employee in each company completed a 37-question survey about their work experience in 10 different areas:

* Team effectiveness

* Retention risk (employee loyalty)

* Alignment with goals (does employee understand goals of company?)

* Trust with coworkers

* Individual contribution (does the company adequately recognize employees?)

* Manager effectiveness

* Trust in senior leaders

* Feeling valued (does the company invest in employee success?)

* Satisfaction with current role

* People practices (satisfaction with company benefits)

Weighing each question evenly, Quantum scored all of the responses and then presented Counselor magazine with a ranking of all the companies that qualified for inclusion in the program. Counselor then took the top 75 companies from Quantum’s scored rankings and is honoring those organizations as this year’s Best Places to Work in the ad specialty industry.

 Submitted on behalf of the entire Moore Exposure team

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