A Jacket for Every Promotion

Something most folks like about a cool, crisp fall day is getting to wear the perfect jacket, especially when it’s a new one. Now imagine your target audience sporting that perfect jacket with your logo on it – a mini-billboard in motion.

A jacket with your embroidered logo can make sense for your next promotional push for several reasons:

–          Jackets are worn daily from fall to spring.

–          Your target audience will perceive it as a high-value award.

–          Your logo is always on the outside layer.

–          A wide selection of jackets ensures that one can be found for any budget.

Your organization will get an image boost, too, if you have your logo on a brand name jacket, such as Columbia or Cutter & Buck. This benefit from dual logos, called cross branding, comes when your logo is associated with another quality brand.

New jacket trends include multi-season, detail-oriented designs, bright colors, and performance fabrics.  Even better is when many of these trends come together, such as a multi-season, performance jacket with intricate details. 

Here are some examples:


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