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Fall is finally here, and that means fall foliage. No offense to evergreens, but when a tree changes from green to gold, we all take notice.

So why not take some inspiration from the foliage and change your colors, too? The top Pantone colors for fall include fresh, eye-catching takes on the old standards. Be cutting edge and update your company’s look without looking like someone else.


Speaking of fall foliage, Golden Glow looks like it was plucked right from the tree. And not just any tree; the one that makes you slow down on the highway to admire it. It would be a fun choice for company shirts, especially if you have a blue logo.



Green is the new black, and Woodbine is the new green. While this muted shade of green would go with most any color, we particularly love it with neutrals. How great would it look on an ecru-colored, eco-friendly tote bag?



Red is timeless and never fails to grab attention. Lipstick Red is a more vivid shade, and it really pops against a dark background. Imagine your logo in Lipstick Red on a black mug.


Lagoon is a variation of Turquoise, Pantone’s 2010 Color of the Year, thanks to its broad appeal and feel-good, tropical vibes. If you’re used to more traditional blues, like royal or navy, Lagoon would be a nice change. You’ll still get that classic coolness, just with a little extra punch.

It’s also the perfect match for Chocolate Truffle, another one of fall’s top colors.


It sounds beachy, but Living Coral doesn’t have to go the way of white after Labor Day. Coral is surprisingly versatile, complimenting neutrals and most shades of blue. Think of it as a softer orange.




The only drawback to Chocolate Truffle is that the name makes us hungry. It’s neutral without being boring, and it makes a solid background for bright colors.

*Disclaimer: We strive to best color match all prints. However, we cannot guarantee color matches on all items.

Jessie Bryan graduated from Elon University’s School of Communications in 2007, with a specialization in broadcast and new media.

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