One of the biggest dangers of extreme cold weather is frostbite. The extremities like fingers, toes, ears and nose are most susceptible.


The chemical hand warmer is essential. Toe warmers are also available.

The torso is where all your major organs are kept and is the most important part of your body to keep warm. Layering is the best technique for keeping your torso warm.  Wicking technology can really take layering to new levels.

Not only will the wicking technology take the moisture of sweat away from your body but will also wick away water when you get stuck in the rain, or submerge yourself in a body of water.  They are not water proof but will help you dry out a lot faster.

You can start with the single layer thermal below. It has wicking properties that come from a combination of polyester, Merino wool, and spandex. It works great as a first layer or second over a wicking tee.


For a second or third layer, this polyester bonded Champion fleece is also moisture wicking and comes in a variety of colors to match virtually any logo you may want to add.


Specialty logoed jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and fleece are on average used 2.7 times per month but have 84.8 contacts with the end user per month. This translates to an advertiser’s cost of $0.05 – a mere nickel – for each impression, using average item costs with the average time a customer keeps a logoed jacket, fleece or sweatshirt.*

*Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2010, All Rights Reserved.

Jack Daniels is a former infantryman and Special Forces Operator who served with the 3d Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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