Cool weather is here. Cold weather is coming. Every warm blooded mammal takes heed to this eventuality.

For the outdoorsman, and especially our military, cold weather is something that is not taken lightly. Not only can cold weather be uncomfortable, it can be dangerous.

I collected a large number of cold weather gear during my military career. I can also tell you exactly where I obtained it, when I obtained it, and who I obtained it from, even without decoration to remind me of these facts. When you use cold weather gear, the spirit of thanks and grateful emotions fill the part of the brain that tells you to keep warm for your own survival.

You can be certain that if you give a gift of warmth, you will be remembered.

Many people don’t realize that the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan are extremely cold in the winter. When I was serving as a Special Forces Operator in Afghanistan, the brand we relied upon for our cold weather headgear was Carhartt.


This 100% Acrylic stretch rib-knit face mask from Carhartt features Thinsulate (TM) Flex 40g insulation for warmth, and extra length to protect your neck in cold weather.

For the hunters this season, keep your ears warm with several available designs of hunter’s camouflage watch caps.

It is true that without proper winter head gear much of one’s body heat is lost through the head.

 According to a recent report, the average logoed headgear is used 4 times per month, but gleans 112 customer impressions per month. This translates to an advertiser’s cost of $0.002 per impression – that’s two-tenths of a penny for each time the logo is viewed – using average item costs with the average time a customer keeps a logoed cap.*

*Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2010, All Rights Reserved.

Jack Daniels, Military Consultant

Jack Daniels is a former infantryman and Special Forces Operator who served with the 3d Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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