A New Adventure

For almost three years, I have been privileged to work on a team with Steven Moore and Jack Daniels. Jean and I started referring to them as “my guys.” Whether in business or sports, chemistry is the key element to a successful team. From the start, we had it.  From inside jokes to striving to locate the perfect retention item, we were always a team.

Soon the team will change. January 14th will be my last day at Moore Exposure. I am excited to move on to new adventures specifically Mommyhood. My husband and I are expecting the arrival of our first child in the next few weeks. However, I have to say that this move is bittersweet. Not just because I will be leaving “my guys,” but also because of the customers and other Moore Exposure employees that I leave behind.

Whether overseas or stationed here at Ft. Bragg, each of my customers have become special to me. While I know I leave them in incredibly capable hands, I will miss them. 

I have been privileged to work for a company that not only views us as employees but also as family. I know a lot of people say that, but all you have to do is spend some time with Jean, Steven and the ME staff to know that we truly care about each other.  While I have added to my resume in the last several years, what I really gained were friends.

Several customers have asked, “What will I do without you?” I am happy to have an answer for them. Moore Exposure has hired Erika Miller to replace me. I have been training her for the last several weeks, and she will step in full time once I am gone. If you are in the Ft. Bragg/Fayetteville area, I encourage you to stop in and meet her.

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5 Responses to “A New Adventure”

  • Jean Moore says:

    Jessica, This post made me teary. You are like my daughter, my friend, my sister. It has been a privilege to watch you take care of your customers and your co-workers. Can’t wait to watch you take care of that precious baby.

    You are making the right decision for you, Adam, and that “damn baby”:) However, you leave a space at ME that will never be totally filled. That is no reflection on Erika. I am confident that she will do an amazing job; it will just be different.

    All of us have loved having you here — especially “your guys.”

    Thanks for the difference you have made in all of our lives.


  • Joel says:

    Jess, has it been 3 yrs already? Time always flies when you’re working with great people.

    I’m constantly amazed by Jean and Steven’s ability to find just the right person to handle the constant pressure the military can place on a civilian business. You are definately a shining example of their search for the perfect match of both patience and competence.

    While we all know your move is in the best interest for your upcoming little one. We’re all selfish enough to hope you’d come back. Besides, we all like to think of ouselves as “your guys” also…

    Take care, and god bless


  • Jean Moore says:


    I couldn’t have said how we all feel as eloquently as you did.

    By the way, we think you are one of her guys, too!!!


  • annemoss says:

    So sweet. Everyone will miss you Jessica. You don’t look very pregnant in that photo!

  • Mark Brian Swart says:

    Jessica, I am still remembering how much you helped me with the specialized ball caps I ordered from Moore last spring. I think about you every time I put mine on! Thank You Again for being so Great and I wish All The Best to You, Your Husband and Your New Baby! And Thank You for buying my new book, ONCE MORE INTO THE BREACH, too! Hope you enjoy it!

    God Bless You Always!

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