The Next Adventure

As every veteran knows, it is more difficult to get the Army out of the soldier than it is to get the soldier out of the Army. Not to mislead the reader, I have no intention of enlisting in the Army.

However, I have had an opportunity placed before me that I am very excited about. The Department of Defense has invited me to take part in a mission overseas. The time line for my departure is very short. I am afraid today is my last day at Moore Exposure.

For the last four years, I have had the privilege of working with a wonderful team here at Moore Exposure.  We are a team at Moore Exposure but feel like a family. I have had many wonderful times here with my family and have learned much from everyone here. I’ve also learned a lot about myself.

Being part of the military section has been a particular joy. As a veteran myself, I have loved working with soldiers on a daily basis. Sharing military humor and speaking the military language, I have felt right at home with my customers. Many have become great friends as well.

Steven Moore will continue to head the Military Section here at Moore Exposure. You can bet that you will receive the best in quality products and service that you received from me in my time here. Besides, Steven taught me everything I know about this business.

I would like to thank my customers and the Moore Exposure staff for molding me into a better man. I will miss you all.

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