Get to know Moore Exposure: The people behind the logos.

Moore Exposure has been producing promotional products for more than two decades.

No matter what the request, Moore Exposure has a solution!
–Alison Thetford, School Administrator

In fact, there is nearly a century of combined marketing and promotional experience on the Moore team. Half of our employees have a personal connection to the military, giving them an intimate understanding of one of our key target markets.

All in the Family.

When we say “family business,” the term takes on a slightly different meaning. Sure, we’re family-owned and operated, but we also think of our staff and customers as family. For example, every Friday at 4 p.m., Moore Exposure starts the weekend by bringing the whole “family” together for Happy Hour. But, family functions never get in the way of business. If you need us, we’re always here for you.

Revitalization and Going Green.green-certified-business

Moore Exposure is an integral part of the community, and we make every effort to make positive contributions. Every single member of the team gives back– from the arts to military support organizations. Even our new office gives back.

Rather than breaking new ground, we chose to be part of the downtown revitalization effort and recycle an existing building. Every step of the way, we’ve been environmentally conscious in this revitalization. We’ve maximized the use of natural light, recycled and reused materials – even added a shower to encourage employees to ride their bikes to work or exercise on their break. We’re proving that you can be both ecologically and marketing smart!

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