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Location: 215 Williams St., Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: (910) 486-8021
Fax: (910) 486-7888

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Bryan, Jessie ext. 231
Allen, Mark ext. 224
Moore, Jean, ext. 229
Showalter, Jessica, ext. 227
Stewart, Sweetie, ext. 220 Moore, Steven, ext. 225

Directions from Fort Bragg:

1. From Fort Bragg, take the All-American Freeway toward Fayetteville.

2. Take the exit for Morganton Road and turn left onto Morganton

3. Proceed on Morganton for approx. 3-4 miles and Morganton will become Hay Street

4. Proceed on Hay Street into downtown Fayetteville.

5. Pass the Airborne & Special Ops Museum on the left.

6. Cross railroad tracks at the train station and take the first right onto Pittman.

7. Go one block to Franklin and turn left.

8. Take immediate right onto Williams Street.

9. Cross Russell Street and Moore Exposure is the first building on the left.

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