Business Clients

Jean Moore can take a sliver of light and turn it in to a spotlight for your company! I know they have hundreds of customers – but Jean and her staff have always made me feel like they had just one – me!

Laura Schindler, Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions, LLC

When other promotional companies finish printing your T-shirts or embroidering your jackets, their job is done.  For us, it’s just beginning.

If you’re selling, we’re succeeding

Moore Exposure believes that the real proof of our expertise is how well that promotion delivers for you.  We’re happiest when your phone is ringing and your email Inbox is full.


We know a large part of that success equation is timing and accuracy.  When you say you need it, Moore Exposure ensures that you get it.  No excuses or stall tactics!  And, we make darn sure it’s exactly what you requested.  We NEVER accept the wrong color, poor quality or errors.

Moore Exposure knows if you’re satisfied with the promotions we produce for you, you’ll come back.  And, you’ll talk about us to everyone you know.  Your success and satisfaction is how we measure our success.

Here are examples of the types of companies we work with:

  • Tourism and entertainment, such as restaurants, resorts and racing-related businesses
  • Law firms
  • Medical practices
  • Defense contractors
  • Car dealerships
  • Real Estate firms

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